How to submit to

♦️♦️In 5 steps♦️♦️

  1. Create a texture, mod, map, or anything else. This must be done on Java, or Bedrock editions of the game. 
  2. Create a cover image that is interesting and will make people want to click on the post. The image size must be around the size of 640 x 303 so that there is minimal cutoff when viewed from the homepage. 
  3. Type up what you want to say using This google doc. Remember to keep it in the provided format, just change the text to say what you want. After typing, please go back and put pictures where you want them in the doc. Remember to check for grammatical errors, and make sure all sentences make sense. 
  4. Make sure you own everything, and that it is all fully functioning, and that the download links are active. 
  5. Share the google doc with, and name it Minecraft's Mods Submission.

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Diddycraft! Join the team!

Diddycraft! Join the team!
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