Factions for everyone

DiddycraftBE has released a factions realm and released it for everyone with the intent of having it be a new learning experience for newer players, and a difficult challenge for long time players. This is done through the use of special items like amulets, custom swords, and new potions. 

What is a faction?

By definition: "a small, organized, dissenting group within a larger one"
Really, a faction is a group of people that keep an operational base, and keep managed tasks. If an example group lives underground, Member #1 would be in charge of keeping farms, Member #2 could be on the lookout for intruders, and Member #3 could be expanding the base, and making it more functional. Every faction does it differently, and there are many jobs that need to get done. Diddycraft Factions allows up to 10 member factions standard, but up to 20 members if it has been around for more than 4 months.

Start a faction

You can click here to apply for a faction! Each application gets accepted immediately at the time of submitting it.


  • Astronomy
    • 70 New items
    • Custom 3D Models
    • 14 New items
    • Realms Edition
    • Full texture support
    • Built in mod-launcher
  • Factions+
    • Manage faction servers, and registration
    • 1 new item
  • AdminDuties
    • Managing players
    • Managing Admins
  • MoreBlocksPE
    • 472 new blocks
    • 21 new items
    • New animal interactions
  • LetsGoShopping
    • 8 new shopper villager entities
    • Shop control
    • Custom Villagers
    • Shop protection
    • programmable villagers
  • Magic Crafting
    • 60 new crafting recipes

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