The Best Maps...

There are millions of maps, only a few are 'Perfect'

We will go through the types of maps, and select the best ones for bedrock edition. Parkour, Minigame, Terrain, Realistic, and Medieval will be the categories.


SG Log Lake (Bedrock)

Credit: SkyGames
This map is about fighting people. Simple right? Not exactly. You have to stay on top of logs floating past, while not falling in the poisonous water. And fight people. Its amazingly good fun. The map is well designed, and everything from starting the game, to fighting, seems smooth, and lag free, but 1GB of ram is recommended. 
Download: Log Lake


Would you rather?

Credit: AgentCPUO, TheGamingCyclone, Major BlueBomber
This game is about that question that everyone asks. Would you rather fall in lava with diamonds, or lose your pet llama? Tough decision. Take turns with your friends while playing this minigame, for some really funny moments. This is a decently designed map, and its decently fun too! Llamas of course!
Download: Would You Rather


Ultimate Survival

Credit: Pdtheyoutuber
This is probably the best custom terrain that we've seen, and it is for the Bedrock edition too! Jungle, Mesa, Snowy, and even the plains biome is exciting! Theres a whole lot of things to do, like exploring a custom village, or running around in one of the many custom dungeons. This is great for someone who is tired of vanilla terrain. You cn check out his custom terrain showcase here.
Download: Ultimate Survival (In Description)


Realistic Mobs Addon

Credit: Sprintermax
This addon makes the mobs much more realistic, and closer to real life animals. Their abilities have also been matched to real life, and they have had their entity data matched closer to how they would be in real life. Iron golems and enderman were total guesswork, because shocker; they aren't real. 
Download: Realalistic Mobs For Bedrock


An Epic Medieval City

This is our #1 choice in medieval because it is what is commonly thought of as medieval, and it was created really well. There are so many things to look at, and see, and there's even more to do. Fully functional mines, blacksmiths, and kitchens make this worth a visit. If you want inspiration, this is definitely an attention magnet. 

We hope you were able to get some inspiration from these maps, and all of them are worth a look!

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