Minecraft For Chromebooks

It has really been done, Minecraft is now playable on Chromebooks, and any device that runs ChromeOS

You can be block placin' and house buildin' on a chromebook. Who thought that could happen? And without any hacking, all it takes is one file buried within the depths of google chrome.

What Should You Know?

  • Minecraft will not run on most chromebooks with enterprise enrollment on by default.
  • This is version is 0.7.1 and there is no way to get a universal copy of the game on any chromebook,  your device must have the play store app, and be able to download anyting. See if your device will work with the newest version Here.
  • This is a legal copy of the game, and it is approved for chrome.
  • World saving doesn't always work.
  • This is about the same as the PI edition of the game.
  • Any chrome device can install this.
  • You can't find this without the link (down below)
  • 0.7.0 version was ported by ControllerKing
  • 0.15.1 version was created by Pdtheyoutuber

How To Install

  1. Type chrome://flags in the address bar.
  2. Click Reset all to default and then close the tab.
  3. Go to the download and install it. 
  4. Restart your chromebook before loading the app.
  5. Launch minecraft and enjoy.


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