The true story of Herobrine

Herobrine has been a community icon since it was invented. This famous minecraft legend might not be as legendary as you thought after reading this. 


First Herobrine Sighting
Let's get this out right now, Herobrine is fake. Herobrine was started on a chatbard, when a member said how he saw him, and no one really cared a whole lot. Later a live-streamer named Copeland retextured a painting to have the steve skin with glowing eyes. Everyone in the chat reacted, causing herobrine to gain popularity. The next sighting of Herobrine was on another stream, but was this time a retextured door, allowing for 3D abilities, and he placed it over lava, seeming that Herobrine could hover over lava.

Copeland's Admittance.

-Email sent from Copeland-
So like I touched on earlier I first streamed on EmasVidyaStream, but we left and started our own stream called "Brocraft". I ran it with a buddy of mine and streamed a lot on it, particularly Minecraft.
I came across that creepypasta for Herobrine on /v/, I think, one day. I liked it. The next day I took a screenshot of my current Minecraft world and photoshopped Herobrine into it - just for funsies. I posted that picture in chat and got all sorts of reactions out of people. It was fun! I knew I had to do a stream involving him.
I spent a little while in Photoshop putting an image of Herobrine on a painting (Yup - it was definitely a painting) and then put that painting up in a small room in one of my 'in-progress' houses. My map was small at the time, I think it only had 3 houses. Anyway, I started streaming and avoided that room for about an hour to 2 hours, to make it all seem more legit. I then happened to run into the room and directly in front of the door was Herobrine. I screamed and ran out of the house and turned off the stream.
I pretended to be all shook up about it in chat and then shortly after posted that post on the Minecraft Forums, hoping to get a rise out of them, too.
A few hours after my stream I got rid of the painting, reverted back to the original paintings textures and streamed again. I pretended to do everything cautiously and scared like and entered in the same room, but no Herobrine this time ;]. I then deleted the world on stream and vowed to never play it again.
After my stream another streamer on the site named "Patimuss" did *his* fake Herobrine sighting (In the lava field). I had no idea he was going to do this and he never asked or told me about it. Honestly, I was kinda sad he did. He was the one who admitted to his wife it was fake - something I disapproved of.
I'm not sure if I put the "Him.html" page up before or after Patimuss streamed *his* Herobrine sighting, but I put it up either shortly (<24 hours) before or after his stream. Either way, it was never a forced redirect to the page - I just linked it in chat for people to click on themselves. The eyes were pretty creepy though.
And that's about it. After that people started doing their own Herobrine stuff and it exploded pretty fast. I kept pretending Herobrine was real for the better part of a year after the stream, and it was a meme in chat that my stream was real and Patimuss just faked a sighting to try to be popular.
All in all, pretty fun times.


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