How to mod bedrock minecraft

You can mod bedrock edition minecraft! Finally the creators reveal their secrets. 
You can make custom villagers, mutant mobs, or anything else you'd like. You can even make custom swords, and even add shields.

This program allows you to do anything that you could imagine, well almost, and you can even edit biomes, and change your worlds seed, for some glitched out biomes.

How do you use it?

  1. Start by downloading the program, which you can find a download link below, and open it. It may walk you through some things, and ask you if you want to update the program. 
  2. Open the version of minecraft that you want to edit, find your world, and click the open world button. Note: use %appdata% to locate your Java Edition saves folder.
  3. If a list of code, or data doesn't pop up, click View files and then open the file that you want to edit. This does not work like other programs where you import files, you have to copy and paste the code from other sites, and load it. Click the save icon in the top left, and then click the Chunk Loader button in the side list. That will bring up a map, that allows you to search through your world, for mobs that you want to mod, and you can edit their data values directly. Warning: incorrectly editing these files, can result in corrupting your world, be careful.
  4. You can input command lines right into the editor, but you must remove the @p if it is there. Setblock does not work, except with entity summoning, block placement, and weather data.

Fix Corrupted Worlds.

  • Currently there is no way to fix corrupted worlds, and there is no undo button. Make backups of your world, so you can always reset it, and be on the side of caution, because anything could break if you make a mistake. Your world could have all of it's chunks erased, or you could just spawn a cake block. 
  • Use the cunkfinder in the side column to locate any broken chunks, or any errors. In Universal Minecraft Editor you can locate broken chunks, they will just be white with nothing in them.

Extra Resources.

Go to the link below, run the installer, and finally install it and open it. 

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