Extreme Survival Challenge!

Welcome to the survival island. On this island you will have to survive, find a end gateway, and kill the dragon. You must be very careful not to die, because if that happens, you will be endlessly teleported to the void, and you'll have to reinstall the map. This map gauges how well you are at survival minecraft, and is very difficult. 87% of people failed, and it is very difficult to complete. Do not attempt if you only have one hour to spare, as this map can take anywhere from 5-7 hours to complete. You will spawn by the water, on a beach, and given a care package. There is a book with rules, tips, and other useful info. Read it, don't just pass by the words. 

Spawn and surrounding area.
We aren't supposed to say much else, as it is explained in well enough detail in game. Here are the downloads There are 10 versions of the map, selected randomly by google, which have the end gateway in different locations, so it is easier to do a youtube series.


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