Craft Anything You Want!

This is the Craft Everything datapack, a modification to loot tables, crafting, and everything in between.Don't let the name fool you, you can't craft anything you want, but lots of things are possible.
Soon, the creator is implementing a feature where you can create 3D items like how you would in a banner, but using all blocks, and a 5x5 grid.

What is a datapack?

A datapack is a series of files that add onto the origonal game files, without needing the Forge modloader, much like an addon for the bedrock edition of minecraft. Datapacks can edit any existing game files, and change, delete, and add onto the base files.

Crafting Recipes.

You can find the changed crafting recipes here. More will be added soon, so we will deliver more content to this page as soon as we can, to keep you up to date.


  • Added advancements for crafting all recipes currently in the pack (except repairing chipped or damaged anvil)

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