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Pd's RPG Adventure (Win10 Mod) (Beta)

Pd's RPG Adventure is a mod for minecraft that adds new features to minecraft. New block variants, textures, and functions, new music, and best of all; new cakes.

What does this do?This mod is here to add variety, and adventure to your minecraft worlds. With it, you can experience 700 new block variations. Don't forget about the 70+ new items, and 15+ villager professions.
Item and block list  (Not all listed)Wet GrassInfected GrassGlitched GrassMudSmooth DirtCoarse DirtGravel DirtPath DirtSandy DirtOre StoneCracked StoneChiseled StoneStone StairStone Quarter SlabGravel StoneCrumbled StonePile Of StoneRough SandSmooth SandSandy ObsidianSandy GlassWet SandInfected SandWooden Quarter Slab OakWooden Quarter Slab SpruceWooden Quarter Slab BirchWooden Vertical Slab OakWooden Box FrameWet FarmlandWorld Destruction ToolBlock Data ChangerDownloads Coming Soon!

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